The new SBS warehouse has been inaugurated: it is 3.5 times larger than the previous one.


Paruzzaro, June 2019 - Operational since January 2019, the new SBS logistics centre has been officially inaugurated: this is a warehouse of about  8500 square meters located on the A26 motorway section, at the exit to Arona.

More technological, innovative and located in a strategic area. With the new warehouse we are able to manage all orders and relations with our European branches in a more effective and timely manner. This makes SBS solutions more competitive, "comments  Alessandro Storti, CEO of the  group.

"The previous warehouse located in Pettenasco was too small to meet market demands: we needed more space", adds Marco Pompei, General Manager of SBS. Pompei continues: "we have thus identified a strategic place that is easily accessible for couriers and transporters."

The works, which began in February 2018, ended in December of the same year. The long transition then began, carried out little by little to minimally impact the company's daily activity.  Now, with the transfer of the Returns and Goods Acceptance offices, the warehouse is fully operational.

There are:

  • 7800 pallet places;
  • 1600 allocations in intensive picking ;
  • 1200 allocations at low rotary.

"Bigger and more efficient," says Marco Libera, Warehouse Manager. “We have implemented a package closure line equipped with a weight control system. Packages are now shipped only if they have been properly closed and filled. This system will allow us, for example, to significantly reduce shipping costs and times." Libera concludes "We also have two order pickers so that the forklift driver will no longer have to operate the machine: it will be this last to accompany him to the correct compartment for the collection and allocation of the goods."

The warehouse is also equipped with a 30kW photovoltaic plant which, in this time of increasingly worrying news about climate change, allows us to drastically reduce energy consumption.

In addition to technological implementations, the new warehouse is also equipped with various services for the staff: from the locker rooms (one for men and one for women) with showers, to a canteen area with kitchen.