Let's start by telling you about the new product lines for spring-summer 2020 with Oceano Line –Keep the Ocean Plastic Free, the collection that responds to request implied by public opinion to pay increasing attention to climate change, environmental sustainability and the reduction of packaging materials.



It is estimated that every year, 12.7 million tons of plastic waste ends up in our seas.
Oceano Line – Keep the Ocean Plastic Free is the new collection of accessories for smartphones and tablets made with environmentally sustainable materials, packed in recycled paper and 100% plastic free.

The line comprises twenty-seven products belonging to the main categories of SBS: Energy - travel chargers, car chargers, charging cables and power banks; Audio – wireless TWS ear-buds and speakers e speakers; Protective items – covers and, finally, Useful accessories – the first smart bottle.

Accessories without an electronic circuit such as covers, are made exclusively from materials that are 100% compostable; those with high technical technical specifications, on the other hand, such as power banks and TWS ear-buds, are produced to the greatest possible extent with recycled and/or biodegradable material to ensure that they work properly and to comply with safety regulations.

In addition to being certified by the FSC, the packaging materials of the Oceano line accessories are made exclusively using recycled paper and printed using eco-friendly ink containing materials that are not harmful for the environment.



Oceano is a very real and high-value project that complies with sustainable production standards and actively commits the company to the protection and cleaning up of the seas.

SBS has in fact signed an important partnership with Marevivo, a non-profit organisation that is committed to the preservation of biodiversity and to sustainable development, and has over 35 years of experience in the protection of the sea and its resources.
Together, we have launched a co-branding activity that will focus on the nature of products and communication via the packaging; SBS will also contribute to the charitable cause of the NPO by devolving a percentage of the turnover generated by the Oceano range distributed at international level.
In addition to the royalties, we will support the activities of the NPO by defining a joint strategy to raise awareness with regard to environmental sustainability.



Made from materials that are 100% organic and compostable (specifically, 90% of polybutyrate and 10% polylactic acid), the covers in the Oceano collection have an additional special function: they represent a way of raising awareness among our customers of the risk of extinction faced by animals such as dolphins, sharks, polar bears, penguins, octopuses, and tortoises.

All the covers in the collection also meet the requirements of Standard EN 13432.



To produce the accessories in the Energy range, we have used as much biodegradable material as possible.
The outer case of the two power banks (5,000 mAh and 10,000 mAh) and that of the 2A car chargers consists of 35% biodegradable material; the same percentage applies to the plastic components of the charging cables, which also meet the requirements of standard ASTM D6400.
The outer case of the two travel chargers, on the other hand, is made entirely from recycled plastic.



The Audio range of the Oceano collection comprises TWS wireless ear-buds and a 3W speaker.

The wireless ear-buds contain 40% of biodegradable material and have a 400 mAh charging base; the percentage of eco-friendly material used for the speaker is 35%.



Zero Waste Bottle is the first water flask in stainless steel presented by SBS: an important new entry in the company's product range.
An eco-friendly accessory with a capacity of 400 ml and a display LED touch screen, that helps users to improve their daily drinking habits: it does so not only by reducing the use of plastic bottles, but also by making it easier to achieve our daily water drinking target with the drinking reminder function - a discreet light that comes on once an hour reminding us that we need to drink.

What are the advantages of a smart bottle? Unlike disposable plastic bottles, this bottle also acts as a flask and is reusable, and the tight-fitting lid means it won't leak a single drop of water. It is a useful, functional, environmentally-friendly accessory and can be used in all seasons, as it can maintain the temperature of the beverage inside. The lid bears an icon that changes colour depending on the temperature in centigrade: red between 60 – 98°, yellow between 60° – 37°, and blue below 37°.



The interest of SBS in environmental topics is also evident in the Eco Line range, a “Re-Case” that compromises a range of products with packaging materials that are 100% plastic free.
Twenty-eight accessories including ear-buds, power banks, car chargers, travel chargers, charging cables, car supports, covers, and other utilities.
The commitment of SBS, however, is further-reaching and more ambitious: over time, it aims to reduce the amount of plastic used in the packaging of its products to the greatest possible extent.