SBS for companies: the role of Trade Marketing


Our company has always invested in strategic interconnections via Trade Marketing.
Daily collaboration between Marketing and Sales is a strong point of our company which is in close contact with retailers and outlets to develop relationships with both local and national customers.
This approach has proved to be a winner for SBS so far, which increasingly enjoys an optimal collaboration with the distribution channel to achieve benefits for all parties involved. Its development implies an integrated management between communication, outlet promotion, merchandising and any other competitive activity that helps the user with the purchase decision.

In particular, the Trade Marketing Department supports the outlets in the design of the display structure and in the definition of the product range, to guarantee a punctual service in all sales channels and build a long-term relationship.

The solutions that we offer are multiple: from the personalisation of existing displays at the outlet, to the design of innovative and customised display systems. We have a very flexible display catalogue for finding not only the right option, but also a long-term strategic method: durable displays (self-supporting or revolving), free touch shelves, multimedia bases, panelling, seasonal cardboard displays and promotional media.

This planning is represented in the field by a strong synergy with Merchandisers which, after adequate and constant training by SBS, supports the outlet activities: product rotation monitoring, explanation of new developments and product promotions, and the management of any request relating to deliveries.

To this end, we analyse the sell-out data and the trend of the ranges with the aim of improving the profitability and, at the same time, offering end customers a quick and satisfying purchase experience.
The correct management of the categories within the outlets and the presence of clear and useful information, accompany the end customer during the purchase decision and improve the trade-up.

We stand out for an approach aimed at trade and at large retailers, but with a consumer-oriented philosophy to give end customers an innovative and supportive experience in the outlet.

We consider ourselves to be a Trade Marketing Oriented company, not because we sell what we produce to the large retailers, but because we produce and sell what the large retailers ask for based on real consumer demands. This is the real strength of SBS: to fully satisfy the needs of the market by favouring any form of dialogue and contact where Trade Marketing is a strong bond between Distribution and the purchase needs of Consumers.