EAN: 8018417228674
Sim card adapters

Adapter kit for sim mobile phones and smartphones, includes adapter Nano/Micro-SIM Micro/Normal-sim Nano/normal-sim, key


Today's smartphones have different SIM card types. When you have to change or temporarily replace your devices, the SIM cards of different smartphones may not be compatible with each other.
With this adapter for nano and micro SIMs from SBS solves the problem. It allows you to transform a micro SIM into a standard card, or a nano SIM to either a micro or standard SIM. It is also equipped with practical features that allow you to safely remove SIM cards from any of your smartphones.


  • Converts from nano SIM to micro SIM
  • From nano SIM standard SIM
  • From micro SIM to standard SIM
  • A special clip to safely eject the SIM is included

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